2023 Racing Recaps

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1/6/2023 Night of Champions- Stateline Speedway

Trophy for 2nd place in the Bandolero class. Thank you to all of my sponsors, family and friends. Can't wait for the 2024 season!

In memory of Gauge Howell

Aaron ended the last few races as a co-driver for Gauge Howell after his passing.  Gauge's previous race points combined with Aaron's, he ended up placing 3rd. Here is his sister accepting the award on behalf of the Howell family. 

To start off we want to thank all of our sponsors for the 2023 race season. We had some really amazing sponsors and we are so happy to hear that some of them already want to return with us for the 2024 season. Huge shout out to our 2023 sponsors of

Impel Motorsports

Blackbird Digital

Lightning Bar

Freedom Northwest Credit Union

Robinson Financial Services

Shelby Services "your roof leak specialist"

Garwood Wrecking

Newmatic Construction

Maximum Exposure Wraps

JH Landworks

Physical Therapy Associates

Developro Excavation and Land Services


AU Construction

TPI Embroidery

Backcountry Outfitters


Track Trash Apparel

Dishaw Photography you guys rocked the photos, videos, and reels all season. We love you guys.

Also, another shout out to all of those people who helped along the way when we needed them Brandon Smith Rusty Webb, KC Garber brice clark

We started our season off with the Hobby car at Tri City Raceway for the season opener and it was a fun experience learning a new track but the main event was cut short for us when we were run into the wall and unable to finish. A couple weeks later we were able to get fixed and make the stateline speedway 100 lap Hobby Stock race which we ended up winning after fighting water in the fuel the entire day. The car was on its face for the start of the main event and spitting and sputtering and then she cleared up and we were able to get the lead and hold it. We traveled to Montana a week later for the 100 lap event at Mission Valley super Oval and unfortunately broke the rer end spool during qualifying and didn't make heats or mains. We packed it up and went home. That was the last race the hobby car saw for the season from us. Maddex got to try his hand at a roadrunner thanks to Taz Tarr and Treven Tarr at the end of the season and loved it. Qualified 5th out of 33 cars which was amazing and he raced the A heat and had a blast. He also got to try his hand at the legend car thanks to Justin Hamlin and Shane quinn for the halloween bash and really enjoyed that as well. Maddex had a rough start to the season in the bando. He was unable to finish a main event for the first 3 races due to accidents and needing repairs. This was the bandos first year running a gear rule and no restrictors and they were fast and really had to learn car control. This was Maddex 2nd full year in bandos and we were proud of what he accomplished this season. Once we were able to get everything on track he easily pulled in 2nd and 3rd place finishes most nights. On maddex 2nd to last race we found out the day before that we were unfortunately going to have to say goodbye to an amazing kid and friend who suffered a tragic accident and it hit all of us really hard as well as the entire racing community. That racing morning Maddex went to say his goodbyes and while it was hard and the emotions were high amongst us all he raced that night in remembrance of his buddy Gauge and then Sept 9th championship night we celebrated Gauge immensely that whole weekend. Maddex ended up finishing 2nd for overall season championship points but not easily and not without hours of time and work out I to the car.

Well he made it out and got to race his first legends race. Started and finished the main event with no issues. It was a fun night of good racing and all the kids had so much fun with the trunk r treat event. 

Race recap 09/09/23

This weekend was a great weekend of racing and celebrating a wonderful young man who was taken too soon.

On Saturday Maddex qualified 3rd fast, won his A heat race.

Main event 1 of 2 we were leading for most of the race and a caution with 7 laps to go bunched the pack back up. A couple laps in Maddex and another car were racing hard for 1st place and they both spun and went to the back. There was only 3 or 4 laps left at the restart and Maddex was able to race up to a 5th place finish.

Main event 2 of 2 started put good but early on the spotter thought the caution light came on and gave the slow down so Maddex lifted but it was yellow flashing lights in the corner that were on a tow rig and so he lost speed and time by lifting and fell to 3rd place. Maddex and the 2nd place car battled for laps and laps in and out and low and high but we were bot willing to risk spinning the 2nd place car or ourselves and ended with 3rd place for main even 2 and that gave us 2nd place championship faints for 2023 race season. We cannot thank all of our sponsors enough. Big or small they are all so important and vital to helping us through the race season. We hope to see you on the car next season again. Thank you Dishaw Photography for being so amazing and capturing all the moments we miss in the chaos. We appreciate you so much

It's been a little over a week now since the 3 day shootout race we had at Stateline speedway. Just a brief recap. Monday we had qualified 4th, took p2 in heat race and ended p2 in the main event. On Tuesday we qualified 3rd fast, took p2 in heat race, and finished p3 for the main event. Wednesday (last day) we qualified p2, just hung out for the heat race and finished p4 I believe and then in the main event we were wrecked with 5 laps to go and DQ for a pits incident that didnt involve Maddex. Thats the rules and we have to follow them like everyone else. Please don't bash the track on this post in regards to the situation. Now we start with a fresh start and we hope to have found even a little more speed with a little different setup for this coming saturday August 23rd and then championship night September 9th. The car is already sold after this last race and will be raced at Stateline next season. We are not 100% sure what next season holds for us. We are throwing around a couple of ideas. Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway has always been our home and always will be. Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors this season 

Race Recap 07/28/23

The day started out extremely rough again this time around. Went out to practice session 1 and the car got super loose on exit and ended up hitting the wall and needing a whole new rear end assembly removed and a new one put in. This was the 2nd rough weekend in a row as far as problems go and Maddex was just getting frustrated and just wanted to get out there. We ended up not making anymore practice sessions for the day and got the car fixed just before running across the scales and lining up for qualifying. Again, we were running slightly blind on setup with no practice. Maddex got 3 safety laps and the car looked phenomenal. We lined up for qualifying and were ready to go. Maddex went out for qualifying and did awesome pulling in a 2nd fast time for the night and we were happy with that considering the circumstances. For the heat race lineup Maddex started 3rd and made it to the front pretty quick and then checked out and was gone and won his heat race. This was what he needed to get that confidence back. The main event was pretty good this time around. We were in an incident early in the race and had to go to the back but were able to race our way back for a solid 2nd place finish for the night. We will be back August 11th.

Race recap 07/22/23

To be more than honest the night ended about as well as it started which was not very good. When we went to go practice we lost the starter. Pulled the motor 2x to replace the starter and then the fried push button inside the car. After getting the car started we then fought a grounding issue. Needless to say the kiddo didn't get to make a single lap of practice. We ended up getting it running about 5 min before qualifying and had to throw it on the track with the setup it had. Maddex qualified 3rd out of 10 cars for the night. Finished 3rd in the heat race and then came the main event. There is really no words to describe the main event other than disaster. We had 4 laps left to go in the main and accident caused havoc and we ended our night with a hurt car. Completely snapped the tie rods, bent the A-arm, bent the spindle, and bent lots of bolts and heims in the process. These kids race so hard all season and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. There will be accidents as they are all still learning (even our seasoned kiddos) each driver deserves to be able to race to their abilities and learn. We have a great mix on the track of more experienced drivers, rookie drivers, and very green drivers so all of them have their own challenges out there on the track when we are at different experience levels. We are all going to make mistakes and they are all going to go into the next race and the race after that learning from the past race and races. Even after the damage sustained to a few cars this weekend our kiddo is eager to get the car nack together and give it another run this coming Friday the 28th. Thank you again to all of our sponsors as it wouldn't be possible without all of you.

6/24 Recap Hobby Stock 100

We do not even know where to begin in regards to last night's Hobby Stock 100. After the gremlin we had on our back yesterday this win was phenomenal and unexpected. We went to the track and during first practice laid a solid 15.4 out of the gate with no adjustments. Came in and added fuel to go out for the 2nd practice session and while adding fuel the wife noticed the fuel didn't look right upon dumping it into the fuel cell. Well, we went out for practice 2 and the car started sputtering, fell straight on its face and died. We got bad fuel. We drained and drained and drained and then went out to qualify and only made one qualifying lap before it again fell on its face putting us at a time in of 15.7 and qualifying 12th. Pulled into the pits and prodged more. Went out for some safety laps before the heat race and it fell on its face again and we did not make the heat race. Came back in and drained the entire fuel cell, carburetor, tried to flush all the lines, and fuel canister. Added a whole new fuel cell of fuel with some heat and still fought the water getting fully flushed out. With our shitty qualifying position we were due to start on the pole for the night which is not really how we wanted to get that position. As the hobby cars were lining up we were still fighting the water in the fuel issue and bow being able to even get the car to start but we managed to get the car started at the very last damn minute and into the line. Due to us not making the lineup for tech we had to rear start position 21. We were ok with this and hoped the car would make it. The first couple laps were a fight. The car was sputtering and falling off. We started to pass a car here and there and then out of nowhere she cleaned right out and was a freaking rocketship. At the halfway mark of 50 laps we moved from position 21 to position 4 and at the halfway restart we made it from position 4 to position 1 with 47 laps to go and ended up winning the damn thing. To win this race 2 years in a row has us on cloud 9. Thank you to Dan Garber for not letting us give up and throw in the towel as it was that close to happening. We had an awesome spotter Brice Clark who was just as happy to win the race as we were. Thank you to Brandon Smith rusty Webb, Paul Ross, Justin Hamlin, Jeff Reynolds, and brice clark for killing it during the halfway mark and getting us ready for the 2nd half. I do believe we are headed to Polson Montana for their hobby 100 on July 1st. We cannot thank all of our sponsors enough for their support 

Race recap 06/02/23

We qualified 2nd fast

Heat race didn't go so well. On lap one or two we made contact with another car in the field and ended up bending a spindle resulting in not being able to race the heat race. Got the car into the pits, the spindle changed, the setup redone, turned some safety laps, and sent it for the main event. During the main event we ended up making contact with another car and went to the back of the field and came up to 2nd place. There were 2 other spin outs that night resulting in restarts and we managed to continue to hold that number 2 position finishing out the main. Now we work on different lines to run and hold and see if we can gain a little more speed

Thank you again to all our sponsors for 2023 and Dishaw Photography for all the amazing pictures

Race recap 06/10/23

I do not have any pics of his podium finishes as we fought a grounding issue at the end of the first main event carrying throughout the 2nd main event which resulted in him not being able to shut the car off and get out. First thing getting fixed before next race on 06/24/23.

Fanfest was amazing. Maddex signed lots of hero cards, passed out snap bracelets, silicone bracelets, and some new t shirts we had made just for fan fest. Thank you TPI Embroidery.

Qualified 3rd fast for the night

Heat race 2nd place

Main event one 3rd place

Main event two 3rd place

Heat race

This heat race was absolutely amazing and Maddex had a blast racing side by side with Cole Dasenbrock and it was an awesome race to watch. The two of them fought to the finish line but Maddex came up just a little bit short bringing in 2nd place.

Main events

I am honestly speechless about the main events that took place. These kids rocked it and put on a show for everyone. These kids switched positions numerous times. Maddex and Cole battled side by side for a few laps and maddex and carsyn battled side by side for a few laps as well as nose to bumper for many laps. We had a few restarts for the night which was a great learning experience for all the kids. There was so much that took place in these 2 main events for the night. Maddex took 3rd place in both main events.

5/20/23 Maddex had a pretty solid night. He qualified 3rd for times. He took 1st place for his heat race, and he ended 3rd for his main event. He spun 2x for the main even and started at the back 2x and he crossed the line in 4th place but ended 3rd as the 3rd place car was DQ for multiple reasons we won't air all over fb. Maddex was pretty disappointed that he didn't get his 3rd place trophy that the kid and parents refused to give him. In racing this is where we see that great sportsmanship side we did on Friday and then the unsportsmanlike side we did on Saturday. On to the next race June 2. 

05/19/2023. Last night was our first good night of racing even though we still ended up coming home with some damage but we will take it compared to the last 2 races.

Maddex qualified 3rd, took 3rd in his heat race, and took 2nd in his main event. This kid raced his little heart out with Carsyn Murphy and with a few more laps it could have been either of them with that win.

All day maddex said the car was tight and that he didn't like it even though the numbers we had indicated the car should be anything but tight we listened to our driver and loosened the car up a tad and then he raced his main event and was all smiles. He came in after his main event and said "That's the car I wanted tonight".

May 6th we had race number 2 for the season. Maddex again qualified 3rd for the night. The weather was not on our side and we waited the storm out to resume racing vs canceling it which led to all heat races being canceled and going straight to main events. The bando drivers definitely had some elements handed to them for the night. We fought foggy windshields all the way to them entering the track. The track was still damp but not wet and we were skeptical as to how this would play out. During the main event Maddex had some amazing side by side racing with Cole Dasenbrock for 2nd place. Maddex had passed for 2nd place and ended up spinning in turn 2. During the restart he gave it his all again and was racing a clean line and position and upon trying to pass a lapped car he went high and caught a wet spot on the track and spun into the wall. The kid gave it another shot with another restart but the back bumper had gotten shoved into the tire as well as the front bumper causing smoke all the way around the track resulting in dad pulling him off the track. When exiting the track and pulling into the pit the motor was not able to be shut off resulting in the plug wire being pulled to kill it. Fast forward to a week later and the car is mostly together again the right way and ready for the double header may 19th and may 20th at Stateline speedway. Here is to better luck with race 3 and 4 coming up. We thank all of our sponsors for helping make all of this possible

April 29th was the season opener for the bandoleros. Maddex qualified 3rd out of 8 cars and finished 3rd in his heat race. During the main event Maddex was running a solid 3rd position for the night and with only 4 laps left approaching lapped traffic a lapped car got into him and he spun into the wall leaving him with a 6th place finish for the night. The poor kid was needless to to say not a very happy kiddo at the time. We ended up needing to put a lot of brand new parts on the car to repair it for the next weekend.